Sports and Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Coming from an elite basketball background Naomi has had her fair share of injuries. She was constantly having to be sidelined and receiving treatment for her back and knee. These injuries unfortunately caused her to have to cease playing all sport. 

“After suffering so many injuries through sport I became fascinated in how athletes bodies work, how to prevent injury and how to improve performance” – Naomi 

Naomi started working with Mandy as a 1 on 1 coaching client in 2014 and within a few months her back pain was irradiated, and she had no pain performing even the most basic movements. 

“Mandy really solidified the importance of fundamental movement patterns, athletes being strong and injury prevention over cure”- Naomi 

Along with being a long-term client of Mandy’s, Naomi also interned with MH Performance for 15 months where she was mentored by Mandy on strength and conditioning, periodization, nutrition for athletes, sport-testing, female hormonal health, gut health, programming for body composition and coaching. 

Naomi has been working with MH Performance for 3 years now and is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at MHP. Naomi works 1 on 1 with body composition clients, Coaches the Cheerleading Academy Program and Netball Academy Program Athletes, and Coaches the 8-Week Strength Camp. 


Formal Qualifications 

  • Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science
  • Accredited Sports Scientist
  • Bachelor of Rehabilitation*
  • Dan Garner 16-Week Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship
  • ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach*
  • MH Performance Intern 2015 – 2017
  • Certificate III in Fitness


Professional Development

  • Mental Wellbeing: Jake Carter
  • Understanding Nutrition Seminar: Dan Garner
  • Level 1 Strength, Speed, and Power: Woodford Sports Science Sports Consulting
  • Nutrition and Training for Fat Loss: Dan Garner
  • Nutrition and Training for Hypertrophy: Dan Garner
  • Christian Woodford: Physical Preparation and Injury Prevention for the Netball Athlete 


Contact Naomi


[email protected]



Ty - PT Client

“I signed up to MHP to improve my overall fitness & to avoid further injury with a physical job‼️ 
While being with MHP I’ve seen a lot of results, the biggest & one I didn’t expect to occur so early on, was my lower back pain going away after having dealt with it on & off for nearly 10 years + having gone through several doctors & physios 
My overall strength has increased (which hadn’t been happening despite always being physical), which has allowed me to be more efficient at my job without risking my own safety️‼️ 
I have gained awareness in my own body when I move or undertake an activity, and have experienced an overall better feeling in myself and well-being. 
Picking a favourite thing about MHP is hard, as it’s a combo of the environment, the knowledge between the coaches (that you can see is always increasing) & just the way the sessions are structured that I love about this place‼️ 
Coach Naomi pushes you but it’s also fun/social, that even when you’re struggling, you’ll probably be laughing too. It’s just a time to always look forward to in my week” 

Catherine - PT Client

“I signed up because I was looking for something different. I have tried other training programs with PT’s and fitness groups and when I came to MHP I was really starting to lose faith in being able to overcome my injuries.‼️ 
I followed MH performance for a while and one day decided to bite the bullet and see if they were the exception and different from the rest….fast forward…BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE 
The most important goal for me was to be able to train and not injure or have pain in my back and hip. Since starting with Nae I have never lifted heavier, felt stronger and had hope that I can go so much further. 
Every week I can feel my back getting stronger and my overall body improving. My relationship with exercise and food has completely changed and I’m so excited to see what else we achieve together. 
My favourite thing about training with MHP is walking into the gym everyday and having Nae push me to my limits. After having such a bad injury and suffering from a lot of pain subconsciously your mind goes into protective mode and you tell yourself you can’t do something…Nae tells and shows me that with the right training and support CAN do anything! 
I never thought I would be doing the training I am doing now and I know I give Nae ‘the look’ sometimes but we both know I secretly love how much she pushes me. Nae has helped me become a stronger person physically and a happier person mentally ‼️” 

Vicki - PT Client

“I signed up at MHP because I was tired of doing the same thing & not seeing the results I wanted… 
I wanted to challenge myself with something I’d never done before & I’d always wanted to lift weights but had no clue how to start 
Since starting with Coach Naomi and MH Performance Coaching, I have more energy, less bloating, I am much stronger. My legs have built muscle, my arms are leaner & I have a completely different view on food & alcohol. 
The one on one personal training sessions and team sessions always challenge me to push myself. Naomi has belief I can do it which has now translated into belief in myself. 
I always leave my sessions feeling amazing & that I’ve worked to my full potential & I can feel my body buzzing. 
I love the uplifting environment of the gym & I love that Naomi takes the time to check in on me with not only my physical well-being / progress but also my mental well being 


 Sports and Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach 

My strength and conditioning career started during my internship at the Western Region Academy of Sport (WRAS) in Regional NSW. Through this experience I was the head S&C coach for an academy netball team whilst working through 10 S&C certificates and being mentored by some of the industries top sport scientists and strength and conditioning coaches. This saw me make the move to Perth to complete my Masters in Sports Science under one of the worlds top sport scientists Assoc/Prof. Greg Haff (formerpresident of the National Strength and Conditioning Association [NSCA] 


Sports and Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Lewis’ was first introduced to fitness in 2013 when he joined Lacey’s Boxing Gym. From there he became infatuated with the science around training, programming and nutrition for both athletes and general population.  

Following high school Lewis went straight to university to pursue his interest in Sport Science. Completing his Bachelor in Exercise and Sport Science, completed a Certificate III and IV in fitness whilst working at Laceys Boxing Gym to continue to gain hands on coaching experience whilst studying.  


Sport and Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Sarah is not only one of our coaches but also a netball athlete. Her participation in club, regional, and national netball competitions has led her to a passion for sport and in particular strength and conditioning. 

Sarah is also a former coach of club netball leading successful teams from under 12s up to Opens divisions. 

Originally seeking 1 on 1 coaching for injury management and better on court performance, Sarah began her journey at MH Performance as a client of Mandys.  



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