Lewis’ was first introduced to fitness in 2013 when he joined Lacey’s Boxing Gym. From there he became infatuated with the science around training, programming and nutrition for both athletes and general population. 

Following high school Lewis went straight to university to pursue his interest in Sport Science. Completing his Bachelor in Exercise and Sport Science, completed a Certificate III and IV in fitness whilst working at Laceys Boxing Gym to continue to gain hands on coaching experience whilst studying 

During his final year of university he completed an internship with MH Performance Coaching which involved learning and working underneath Mandy whilst coaching the Netball S&C Academy Athletes. He interned at MHP for just under 1 year before taking a fulltime coaching role as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.  

Since starting, he has continued working with as a coach for our specialised Netball Program, he also coaches our 8-week Female Strength Camp, along with working with his 1 on 1 clients to get them their desired results! 

Lewis is also our head coach for our Online Nutriton and Training Coaching Program!


Formal Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science 
  • Certificate IV in Fitness 
  • 11-month Internship with MH Performance  
  • Working with Children’s Check 
  • ASCA Level 1 Strength Coach* 
  • Senior First Aid and CPR

Professional Development

  • Dan Garner: Understanding Nutrition Workshop
  • 16-Week Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship with Dan Garner
  • 10-Week Program Design Course: Muscle Nerds
  • Foundational Nutrition: Muscle Nerds
  • Jake Carter 1 Day Intensive: Eating Disorders
  • Christian Woodford: Physical Preparation and Injury Prevention for the Netball Athlete 

Contact Lewis 


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Kate, Muay Thai Fighter


“I started training at MHP after struggling with binge eating and always feeling sluggish slow and was never full after meals I thought were “healthy” leading myself to binge even more and feel even worse about myself. 
Working with Lewis, I’ve had an amazing change in my mindset, of not wanting to binge and also being able to maintain a balanced diet. I also feel stronger and energised in the mornings which has been a struggle for myself. I have seen a difference in my weight and body shape in such a small time, which was an ultimate goal of mine and I cant wait to keep going! 
The major difference I have found in what I was doing in the past would be my negative attitude towards weights thinking they would make me bulky and not enjoy it. After learning better form and eating a clean diet with plenty of carbs, I look forward to my strength sessions! 
My favourite thing about MHP is the amazing staff who always are welcoming and have smiles on their faces, with their encouragement and amazing vibe its always a place to look forward to going to!” 

Tayla - PT Client


I started with MHP because I found that I was plateauing in the gym. I had been following various e-guides, I was getting bored, had a bad relationship with food, wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted and felt that I was not making any progress. I needed someone to motivate me and to keep me accountable. I found MHP through Instagram and seeing the results the team has achieved with other clients I knew I wanted to work with them 
In the short time that we have been working together I have already noticed that I have become a lot stronger, eating more than I ever thought I would and feel that I have more direction in terms of my aesthetic and performance goals. Lewis has been a huge factor in what I have achieved so far! 
The main difference I have experienced with MHP compared to what I have been doing in the past is that I am now doing a program that is completely tailored to my personal needs and goals. I have regular check in’s with Lewis to see how I’m progressing and if changes need to be made. There is a genuine interest and care in your health and wellbeing from the team at MHP, which sets them from the rest. 
My favorite thing about MHP is the community that they have created. The gym is a completely non-judgmental, friendly and welcoming space where people of all ages and levels share a common interest of self-development and this makes me so happy!! Mandy, Naomi and Lewis are an amazing and cooperative team and have done such a great job of creating such a positive environment 

Lauren O'Connor


After a 2 year hiatus from the gym, I was ready to start training again – I chose MHP because I’d heard they were good not only at training women but sorting out various gut issues. As I’d gotten older, I’d started having more frequent episodes of bloating, gut discomfort, and pain after eating foods I’d previously eaten for years. I thought it was worth my time to go somewhere that would not only train me but potentially sort these troubles out as well. I also chose MHP because I’ve always preferred weight-based training to cardio dominant styles, and knew they encouraged their clients to lift and to lift big!  

I’m only on my first program currently but I’ve already seen a drop in my body fat levels. I feel stronger, I look a little leaner, and I’ve noticed a reduction in the number of days that bloating is an issue for me.  

My favorite thing about MHP is that they are willing to adapt things to fit in with your circumstances – I work as an emergency nurse, so the combination of shift work, a relatively stressful job, and working in a physically tiresome profession had meant training in the past could be frustrating. Trainers had set me food plans that didn’t work for me, told me ‘you just need to sleep more’ without solutions as to how to make that happen, and set training schedules that were too frequent making me overly tired during my working week. MHP has really looked into my circumstances when planning my training with them. They’ve looked into doing me separate meal plans for when I’m on day shifts and on night shifts, chosen a realistic number of training sessions per week, and embraced the challenge of helping me optimize my sleep as best we can without setting unrealistic expectations. This understanding and support make a huge difference and is why I’m very happy with my decision to train here. 


 Sports and Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Coming from an elite basketball background Naomi has had her fair share of injuries. She was constantly having to be sidelined and receiving treatment for her back and knee. These injuries unfortunately caused her to have to cease playing all sport. 

“After suffering so many injuries through sport I became fascinated in how athletes bodies work, how to prevent injury and how to improve performance” – Naomi 


 Sports and Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach 

My strength and conditioning career started during my internship at the Western Region Academy of Sport (WRAS) in Regional NSW. Through this experience I was the head S&C coach for an academy netball team whilst working through 10 S&C certificates and being mentored by some of the industries top sport scientists and strength and conditioning coaches. This saw me make the move to Perth to complete my Masters in Sports Science under one of the worlds top sport scientists Assoc/Prof. Greg Haff (formerpresident of the National Strength and Conditioning Association [NSCA] 


Sports and Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Sarah is not only one of our coaches but also a netball athlete. Her participation in club, regional, and national netball competitions has led her to a passion for sport and in particular strength and conditioning. 

Sarah is also a former coach of club netball leading successful teams from under 12s up to Opens divisions. 

Originally seeking 1 on 1 coaching for injury management and better on-court performance, Sarah began her journey at MH Performance as a client of Mandy’s.  



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