Olivia came to MHP frustrated with the number of gut issues she was having, and the lack of energy she was experiencing on a day to day basis, she was sick of not knowing what to eat, how much to eat and how to train to reach her goals.


“I was having constant bloating and I had no idea why; I was sick of feeling sluggish and I saw this as an opportunity to change my lifestyle” – Olivia


After we started building up Olivia’s calories, eliminating foods that were causing issues and placed her on an appropriately periodized strength training program she started dropping and toning up almost right away!


After 2 rounds of Bootcamp Olivia now has much more strength and muscle definition, she doesn’t have any issues with her gut and she has more energy throughout the day.


“I feel like I am so much more productive in my day to day since joining Bootcamp. It’s amazing! The amount of support we receive is amazing and the overall atmosphere in the gym is so positive. Everyone feels so accepted and I actually really look forward to training. We also learn so much from the coaches and the educational videos they provide!” – Olivia