From Hating Exercise, having No Confidence and Uncontrollable Weight Gain to a Healthy, Easy to Maintain Lifestyle

Jenny joined the All-Female Strength Camp because she wanted to make a lifestyle change. It wasn’t just about losing weight and getting toned, she knew she needed a complete body and mindset overhaul.

 “In today’s society there is huge influences from social media, movies, magazines and advertisements on how women should look. This heavily impacted me and because I wasn’t educated I would eat as minimal as possible to attain this look” – Jenny

Guilt around Food and Fear of Training

Just like almost all females I work with she had no knowledge on nutrition, hormones, training and physiology. Media had influenced her (and many other women) that she needed to eat as little as possible and do heaps of cardio to lose weight, and that weights make you gain undesirable muscle mass. However, this mindset lead to guilt around food, fear of training, confidence problems, hormonal imbalances and weight gain.

“I hated exercise because I was uneducated, I stayed away from the weights, I would get extreme anxiety when I walked into the weights area, I felt like everyone was watching and judging me, so I stopped going to the gym all together” – Jenny

The 3 Steps to Jenny getting back on track

We set the following goals in place;

  1. Stop the obsession over the number on the scales
  2. Improve her relationship with food and correct her hormonal imbalances through a specific nutrition plan that involved incrementally increasing her calories over time
  3. Teach her how to strength train and how to perform specific exercises to improve her confidence in the gym

After 6 months of training (3 rounds of bootcamp);

“I look at food, training and myself differently. I look at food as fuel and how it will make me feel or perform. I don’t weigh myself anymore I go by how I look and how I feel. I can now walk into the gym and pick up dumbbells without caring what the others around me are doing. I don’t make excuses. A healthy lifestyle is maintainable with the right guidance, education and finding balance” Jenny


Jenny after her first 8 week bootcamp

If you would like to find out more about the Female Strength Camp including the nutrition plans and coaching simply click the link below.

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